As a private client practice, we combine professional expertise with knowledge of all issues relating to assets, estate and business succession. We develop concepts for estate planning and support you in drafting testamentary dispositions, such as contracts of inheritance and wills.

In addition, we assist heirs and communities of heirs in all matters relating to the efficient resolution of probate proceedings. We are aware of the exceptional emotional situation involved in inheritance matters. It is our goal to identify disputes in inheritance law and disputes between heirs at an early stage and, if possible, to avoid them through moderating negotiations in a cost- and time-saving manner. We develop solutions that contribute to family peace. Therefore, we accompany you throughout the entire probate process, from the settlement of inheritance cases and execution of wills to the administration of the estate.

Our lawyers will assist you in structuring your business succession. To prevent succession problems, we support business owners and their successors in all phases of the handover process. In our cooperation network PROMISSUM we combine the competences of the two law firms dtb and TIGGES. This enables us to accompany even particularly extensive and complex cases in inheritance law with consistently high precision.