„My experience of working with dtb has been entirely positive. I am very impressed by the entire team’s friendly professionalism, punctuality, and reliability. In addition, I appreciate the proactive approach to consulting, the close personal contact, and the uncomplicated professional expertise.“
„dtb stands out because its lawyers are really interested in the people involved and the subject matter. They are competent, fair, effective, and at the same time value-oriented.“
„The lawyers at dtb are significantly more pragmatic and result-oriented than many of their colleagues. They have a strong affinity to art, culture, and foundations.“
„I consider Dr. Decker a very good legal advisor whose art expertise, integrity, and competence stand out.“
„Bertold Schmidt-Thomé is competent, personable, committed, passionate, and educated. His expertise lies in the field of art, legacies, and nonprofit combinations.“
„Attentive, smart, they think long-term and holistically, erudite and friendly.“
„Distinguished, a great understanding of art, excellent!“
„Working with Ms. Schopp was wonderful.“
„Dr. Decker is communicative and reliable. He understands culture and knows how to think in a networked manner. His competence lies in taking the interests and work of different people and institutions seriously.“
„We kept working with Pascal Decker because we were always completely satisfied with him. Reliable, accurate, and professional.“
„The advice is extremely competent and friendly. I associate commitment, confidentiality, and a certain readiness for action with dtb.“
„The foundation experts! Professional, dependable, friendly.“
„I particularly like Pascal Decker’s commitment to the art market. He knows how to focus on the right issues with his great understanding of art and confident manner.“
„Very trustworthy and personal approach (…) Expertise and creativity go hand in hand in finding solutions (…)“
„A great deal of art savoir-faire! Honest, serious, discreet.“
„High commitment, quick reactions, targeted advice.“
„Highly specialized law firm with an excellent network in the cultural and foundation landscape. Innovative in the development of solutions, very personal support, solid, sophisticated, and of integrity.“

Anonymous, Artist’s Estate

„The lawyers are highly professional yet approachable, friendly, patient, and compassionate. I was impressed by their friendliness and also felt in good hands emotionally. Without their competent guidance, I would have never gotten through the legal proceedings so well. I could not have asked for better legal assistance.“

Artist, Federal Supreme Court Case