dtb and TIGGES establish PROMISSUM cooperation network

Berlin/Düsseldorf - The law firms dtb rechtsanwälte from Berlin and TIGGES Rechtsanwälte from Düsseldorf are founding PROMISSUM , a cooperation network with a focus on inheritance and art law advice.

With its national and international network of art market experts, tax consultants and lawyers, PROMISSUM is strategically positioning itself on the law firm market. The two cooperation partners can look back on many years of successfully advising their clients, which include entrepreneurs, private collectors, artists and art institutions.

Georg Schmidt, partner at TIGGES Rechtsanwälte, explains: "The art market is our passion and we share this passion with the experts at dtb rechtsanwälte. Thanks to the cooperation between dtb and TIGGES, our clients benefit from many years of experience in inheritance and art law advice from two firms, offered from a single source - for even more tailor-made design solutions".

dtb rechtsanwälte brings highly specialized experience to the association with its focus on art-related foundation and non-profit law as well as inheritance law, which has been established since 2004. Bertold Schmidt-Thomé, art historian and partner at dtb rechtsanwälte: "The law firm dtb rechtsanwälte has been part of the Berlin art and culture scene for a long time. In recent years, we have continuously expanded our inheritance law advice. Most of our clients have an entrepreneurial background. dtb combines business thinking with art know-how. We regularly assist with the establishment, positioning and administration of foundations.

Dr. Pascal Decker, founder of dtb rechtsanwälte, adds: "With its strong roots in the SME sector, the law firm TIGGES is a natural cooperation partner for dtb. We are looking forward to becoming even more active in the cultural and industrial state of North Rhine-Westphalia through the PROMISSUM cooperation network".

To mark the founding of the cooperation network on May 11, 2022, the renowned guest speaker Arist von Schlippe, a psychologist at the Witten Institute for Family Businesses, will give a lecture on the "Psychology of succession in family businesses", in which expectations, disappointments and conflicts can pose strategic challenges for families. The lecture sheds light on the "carousel of expectations", the "traps of succession" and offers suggestions for possible clarifications.

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dtb rechtsanwälte was founded in 2004 by Dr. Pascal Decker as a strategic legal consultancy and is characterized by a high level of expertise and professionalism in the fields of art law, foundation and non-profit law, inheritance law and asset succession planning. The firm advises entrepreneurs on their succession planning, founders on the positioning of their foundations, artists on their careers and collectors on the development of their collections. Surviving dependants and museums receive support and guidance on restitution issues . www.dtb.eu

The internationally active law firm TIGGES Rechtsanwälte, headquartered in Düsseldorf, offers companies and entrepreneurs from Germany and abroad advice on all key legal and tax aspects of their business activities. Private individuals are assisted with a wide range of issues relating to their assets. National and international artists, event organizers, theatres, private individuals, entrepreneurs and foundations receive comprehensive advice on all questions of art law and the tax and inheritance law particularities of art in estates. www.tigges.legal