Bertold Schmidt-Thomé in Interview With StifterTV

"It always starts with the question: What is the founder's actual will? We base our work on this," says Bertold Schmidt-Thomé in an interview with Jörg Birkelbach from StifterTV.

As an expert in foundation and non-profit law, lawyer and art historian Bertold Schmidt-Thomé answers questions about foundations in this interview. From the idea to its implementation, he wants to impart knowledge about foundations and create transparency and thus orientation in the foundation system. He has already been able to support numerous clients in the process of setting up their own foundations and explains why good advice is essential in order to fully exploit the potential and legal scope for development. In doing so, he wants to take away the fear of seemingly insurmountable regulations from those involved in foundation and non-profit law and convey an enthusiasm for setting up foundations.

After all, anyone with a large fortune can give something back to society with a foundation.

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