Dr. Pascal Decker in Interview With Investment Channel

Since digitalization has found its way into the art market, a very special phenomenon can be observed in these areas: There is a tension between, on the one hand, aesthetically appealing objects that arouse people's desire and passion for collecting and, on the other, objects that can generate quite extraordinary profit margins. "This means that art has a certain Janus-faced quality and institutions are rightly asking themselves whether they can expand their portfolio in an interesting way using art as an asset class," says Dr. Pascal Decker in an interview with Jörg Birkelbach.

NFTs in particular lend themselves to interesting portfolio diversification and should not be neglected from an investment perspective. By linking genuine physical works of art with a digital proof of authentication, a work of art can be made more tradable to a certain extent. The founding partner of dtb rechtsanwälte sheds light for Investment Channel on what distinguishes art as an asset class and what innovative thrusts are currently shaking up the art market.

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