Dr. Pascal Decker is Advisory Board Member to DenkRaumOst

Dr. Pascal Decker is now supporting the DenkRaumOst project as an advisor. DenkRaumOst is a civil society and non-profit project. It sees itself as an institution working in partnership to promote a positive understanding of democracy and a helpful experience of democracy. It aims to inspire, encourage and stimulate creativity, actively support our community in a forward-looking way and strengthen innovative local initiatives in the east of the republic and neighboring European regions.

Democracy must be experienced as lively and solution-oriented. It can only be sustainable in close connection with civic action and an innovative administrative culture. Parties are important building blocks and instruments of society, but they are not the sole guarantors for the cohesion of our community.

This is why DenkRaumOst brings together people who want to initiate and develop projects with an open and constructive attitude. The overarching aim of the work is to jointly develop instructions to give future-oriented projects a better chance of getting off the ground in cooperation with local authorities, civil society and business.

In this sense, DenkRaumOst is a think tank and a do tank that, although it has the East in its title, also thinks and networks beyond the borders of the new federal states. This is because projects and initiatives for strengthening municipalities and people who want to noticeably enrich their regions with their ideas are not tied to any particular direction. This means that DenkRaumOst can also be thought of in European terms.

DenkRaumOst aims to make positive and forward-looking signs from the new federal states visible to a wider public and to be a valuable platform for people who take practical action and provide exemplary models in their specific projects. As a new type of transformation school, DenkRaumOst will be part of civil society networks in Germany and provide a strong voice in public debates.

The primary aim of DenkRaumOst is to connect ideas from civil society with business, local authorities and academia, thus opening up new options for shaping the future.

DenkRaumOst aims to develop the model of a mobile academy in which municipal and local action can be imaginatively thought through. Here, stakeholders will work together on an interdisciplinary basis, sharpen their focus on the diversity of future tasks and develop new skills.

The credo: think critically - act anew.

More about DenkRaumOst (in German)